The setting is one pushed to the edge of excess and alienation, a 1980’s surrealistic stage where everyday life is as glamorous as a play. The characters overwhelm themselves with a life of glamour and nostalgia to suppress the darkness in their world. The characters feel that interloping into the conspicuous world of the idolized, while not having Hollywood-approved bodies, is the ultimate act of subversion. 

My inspirations are vaporwave aesthetic, neo-abstract expressionism, 80’s costume jewelry, and retro-futuristic imagery such as those in the films Barbarella and Brazil. I am also inspired by the idea of having curvy bodies in these clothes and a part of the world where they have not been welcomed before, in a glittery world of idealization.

My name is Jacqueline DiFilippo and I grew up in Rhode Island , and have graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where I studied fashion design, including millinery and illustration techniques. My work was shown at the Art Bash exhibition in the Sullivan Galleries and I received an honors scholarship to attend the Art Institute. I have professional experience as a theatrical production intern and as a fashion design intern. I am passionate about creating one of a kind clothing that are flamboyant, embellishment oriented, and size inclusive for all women.