My work explores the relationship between being third-culture and trapped within a fever-dream like torment of my mind and memories. With influences as diverse as Moebius, Stanley Kubrick and Thorstein Fleisch, new tensions are distilled from both nuanced meanings and complex chaotic narratives.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by my own subminimality, constantly creating imagery to alleviate my chaotic mind. What starts out as a miniscule tick in my brain, progresses into an essential unreality of my mind, further evolving the mundane forms into more transcendent structures, such as I mix of conventional and non-conventional materials such as; coarse upholstery fabrics, synthetic sheers, screening, silks, linens and plush knits. From here I create garments, each derived from memories into reconfigured chaotic distilled imagery.

Pulling imagery from childhood photo albums and family stories, I illustrate the cross-cultural upbringing I had while further abstracting that upbringing. I take culturally significant elements of all locations I’ve lived in as well as where my families are from to create rooted sculptural forms. As the sculptural forms become further distorted through metamorphosis